Health Security



Admittedly, we are in the countryside but you will be able to find everything you need for small sores or to ensure your medical follow-up.

The frog farm is located 9 km from CHAM (Center Hospitalier de Montreuil sur mer: ) 140 chemin départemental 191 - CS 70008 - 62180 RANG-DU-FLIERS • Phone. 03 21 89 45 45.

There is also a medical center in Montreuil sur mer: Scm Du Cabinet Medical Saint Gengoult, 6 Rue Saint-Gengoult, 03 21 90 33 33.

Boulogne sur mer hospital Hopital Duchenne, 609 Allée Jacques Monod, 62321 Boulogne-sur-Mer is 30 minutes from the house by the A16 motorway, 03 21 99 33 33.

Finally, we also recommend Doctor Courtier, who is our doctor. His office is at Cucq 518 Avenue François Godin, 5 km away, 03 21 09 13 00.

Following the health crisis of the Coronavirus, we paid particular attention to the cleaning of our lodgings. In addition to the usual cleaning, we disinfect all door handles and stair rails with a disinfectant. You will also find a liquid hand soap next to the kitchen sink. Aloe Verra-based soap that cleans hands without attacking and drying them.

We hope you find this information useful.